Brazil Pop Up Diner

A series of supper club style events that take diners on a culinary journey through Brazil.

The twelve Brazilian cities that will be hosting the 2014 Fifa World Cup each have their own unique cuisine, shaped by their geography and people.

Brazil Pop Up Diner will give Londoners the opportunity to sample a diverse and colourful array of Brazilian food.

From the 19th until the 23rd of May 2014, we will hold four events at OXO2 venue (second floor of Oxo Tower) in Southbank, complete with a lounge bar hosted by Leblon Cachaca.

We will showcase Brazilian cocktails, music and five course meals at lunch and dinner, including one free drink. Bar food will also be available!!!

Bom Apetite x

Event Program

Contributors & Guests

  • Marcelo

    Marcelo de Campos

    Creative Chef

  • Andy Bates

    Andy Bates

    Our Special Guest Chef

  • Helio Fenerich

    Helio Fenerich

    Our Special Guest Chef

  • Gizane Moreira Campos

    Gizane Campos

    PR and Marketing Expert

  • MargoCamilo


    Events Company

  • Andre Salum

    Andre Morin

    Guest Chef

  • Roberta Ciasca

    Roberta Ciasca

    Guest Chef

  • Claudio Magalhães

    Claudio Magalhães

    Creative Director

  • Gabriel del Corso

    Gabriel del Corso


  • Anderson Borba

    Anderson Borba

    Product & Fashion designer


  • Leblon Cachaca

    Leblon Cachaca

  • Copacabana Palace Hotel

    Copacabana Palace Hotel

  • Amazon Beer

    Amazon Beer

  • Vita Coco

    Vita Coco

  • Delicias Delicatessen

    Delicias Delicatessen

  • Geleia Cultural

    Geleia Cultural

  • Cereja Coffee

    Cereja Coffee

  • Artecode

    Web/Graphic Design

  • canallondres

    Canal Londres

  • margoamilo


  • across research

    Chocolate Q

  • across research

    Across Research

  • culturart


  • culturart

    ACF International

  • Miam Miam

    Miam Miam

  • Steamond Travel

    Steamond Travel